GALA Night
HUDBA Rock / Pop / Punk, UMĚNÍ

GALA Night

sobota 3.3.2018 od 19:00
Besední dům, Brno
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předprodej končí 3.3.2018
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Základní cena 900 Kč


Základní cena 900 Kč

Stání / Standing room only

Základní cena 600 Kč

O akci

After the glorious premiere, host the 2nd edition of GALA Night on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at 7 pm in the residence of Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Besední dům.

The honor of your presence is warmly requested together with your partners, friends, family or just you alone because GALA Night is:

  • a multicultural evening for both locals and expats

  • an opportunity to dance

  • a night full of music and performance

  • space for networking

  • a chance to enjoy the genius loci and historical charm of the Besední dům building wish to meet you beyond common working places and spend simply delightful time with you and people from various corners of the world.

Sweet home, sweeter abroad: Come enjoy it to our friendly international ball held in English language.



  • the whole evening presenter

  • ballroom music

  • acoustic sessions of local artists

  • dance performances

  • space for networking

More detailed line-up will be revealed in November.

Tickets info:

A standing ticket includes:

  • entry

  • program

A seat ticket includes:

  • entry

  • program

  • seat

  • classy catering: small sweet and salty refreshments from local producers, a glass of wine made in the South Moravian Region, the mecca of first-rate wines

All tickets go to a raffle.


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Together we move the world forward.

Come move with us at GALA Night!