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Traitors (USA) + support
HUDBA Rock / Punk / Metal / HC

Traitors (USA) + support

pátek 9.3.2018 od 18:00
Chapeau Rouge, Praha

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Traitors (Florida, USA / downtempo deathcore)

"The Hate Campaign": https://youtu.be/nVo_2z2dtOs

"Arrogance": https://youtu.be/omga7YseHm0

"Nu Hate": https://youtu.be/O59eqoNna4w


The Contradiction (PL, KZ,CZ / oriental-blackened-deathcore)
► Featuring show with members of: Abyss, Watching MeNo Misery Left and many more.. ◄
"The Crimson King": https://youtu.be/w6OYMf_cD2s
"Red Cyclops feat. Sergey Raev ex- Shokran ": https://youtu.be/jj4atGKu6W0

Lotus Eater (UK / deathcore)

"Crooked": https://youtu.be/EwPruB5sNIY


Madafaka (Liberec / deathcore)

"She Walks Behind Me": https://youtu.be/rTxsSalBWf8


Liquid Space 9 (Praha / spacecore)

"EP17": https://youtu.be/TgZrWxPxw8Q


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