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PhpPrague Conference 2018

PhpPrague Conference 2018

sobota 23.6.2018 od 10:00
Paralelní Polis, Praha

O akci

Již druhý ročník konference věnované PHP v Praze. Více o akci najdete na www.phpprague.cz

Tento rok jsme se rozhodli for switch to english.


Any topic related to PHP-ecosystem: hard skills, soft skills, leading, how-to, migrations, fuck-ups, package showcase...




Holger Woltersdorf - Total Recall - The application that never forgets

Arkadiusz Kondas - Machine Learning - how to begin to learn the machine in PHP

Tomas Votruba - Why Your Company Loses Money By Not-Open-Sourcing

David Velvethy - MVP: How we fucked-up despite a training in Rocketspace, San Francisco

Matous Czerner - How To Love Git

Ondrej Mirtes - What’s new in PHPStan

Michal Špaček - Everything is User Input

Vladimir Kriška - Docker for PHP developers - Tips, Tricks & Lessons learned

Jindřich Kubát - Transactions in Distributed System

Jan Mikeš - The Simplest Gitlab CI Pipeline Ever