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The Black City (It) - 19. narozeniny Staré Pekárny
HUDBA Rock / World music / Ethno / Folk / Jazz / Blues / Klasika

The Black City (It) - 19. narozeniny Staré Pekárny

pátek 21.9.2018 od 20:00
Stará Pekárna, Brno

O akci

19. narozeniny Staré Pekárny

Funk, soul & blues Founded in 2015, The Black City band from Turin, Italy, has already stood out as one of the most skilful bands in the field of funk, soul and blues. They have played as backup for Lola Gulley, the legendary Queen of the Blues from Atlanta, Georgia (USA) and Evelyn Rubio, sax player and singer from Texas. Every Thursday night they animate the BlueFunk jam sessions at the Birraceca Pub82 in Rivoli, where the best musicians from the province of Turin meet to perform and jam, often joined by international artists. The Black City are made up of Martin Craig on guitar, whose style is a unique synthesis of T-Bone Walker, Frank Zappa e Freddie King, Monne on bass, the Cuban Caldero on drums and Sara Mishi on vocal. The four musicians have been part of leading bands at a regional and national level: Lou Bega, Tribà, Calipson and Ossi Duri. Their first EP "What the Funk you want?" came out in May 2017, and now they share their music with  live performances called "Pulpy Funky Show"

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