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Stefano Minder (IT) - Love Through My Eyes •Extended•
HUDBA Elektronika, PARTY

Stefano Minder (IT) - Love Through My Eyes •Extended•

středa 20.2.2019 od 20:00
Music Lab, Brno

O akci

Love Through My Eyes•Extended• - is the new upcoming project of Stefano Minder: a new EP as an extension of the Love Through My Eyes project. The style will include Neo Soul, Electronic Music, Funk and of course: Jazz - COMING IN 2019!

Always engaged in song-writing, suspended between jazz and soul, the pianist and singer Stefano Minder presents his first album called “Love Through My Eyes”. Through his constant research in music, Stefano walks different paths leading him to the experimentation of new methods to use the voice as a tool meant to depict colors and new worlds.
His motto: “The voice is a proper instrument, able to express deep feelings as almost any other instrument can do. It is strictly connected to the soul and becomes its audible expression; it converts the invisible in visible, it creates new sounds and colors, it transforms an emotion into music. The voice is an instrument to be discovered, subject to constant evolution and expansion. An expansion which goes beyond our traceable imaginative borders”.

Stefano Minder, vocals
Antoni Zygmunt Kuzak, alto sax
Lorenzo Nanni, piano
Alessio Renda, bass
Emanuele della Cuna, drums