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Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming

sobota 16.2.2019 od 10:00
HubHub, Praha

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Join our programming workshop to learn about programming languages and create your first JavaScript application.

Are you interested in learning the programming basics? Alternatively, have you started learning a programming language but have a lot of questions? We have partnered with Productboard and HubHub to bring you the first coding workshop organized by our tech group leaders. Come join our programming workshop lead by our tech group leader Lena Kirichok to learn about programming languages and create your first JavaScript application!

Lena is backend developer, with the passion of coding and creating new things. She is Prize-winner of IT Challenges Championship 2018 at Backend category and author of two technical blogs on Instagram (about tips for beginners) and Telegram (about diversity in tech, feminism & tech field, IT news). Lena has experience in teaching programming, mentoring and organizing tech meet-ups. In her free time, she makes first steps in contributing to open-source, learns how to design and reads a lot of articles.

During the workshop you will:

  • Find out what types of programming languages exist
  • Get to know what else a programmer should learn besides programming languages
  • Learn more about JavaScript and where to use it
  • Create a JavaScript application

Bring your own laptop, with installed text editor (Sublime text) and a browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari).

Workshop is for beginners with/without programming experience.


10:00- 10:15 Meet & Greet

10:15 - 11.15 Theoretical part

11.15 - 11:40 Coffee break

11.40 - 12.50 Practical part

12.50 - 13.50 Summary

The workshop is for the members of Femme Palette, a community of female professionals in Czech Republic. If you are not a member yet, sign up at https://femme-palette.mn.co/.