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HUDBA Pop / World music / Ethno / Folk / Jazz / Blues / Klasika


středa 17.4.2019 od 20:00
Music Lab, Brno

O akci

Beat-driven. Employing heavy elements of funk and soul, paris_monster closes the gaps between synth-pop & garage; between modern detail and old-school grit. Solid earth. Soaring soundscapes. A mass of noise. Volatility. Vocal singularity.

The Deli NYC calls paris_monster “a precise, complex and sophisticated

mechanism" with a "a monstrous instrumental technique”, delivering a sound

that “could be the new face of American roots rock”. This sound is on

display on 2017’s singles “Ape” and “Hot Canyon Air”.

In fall of 2017 paris_monster began recording their first full-length LP,

set to be released in 2018. The album will solidify their dirty, glitchy,

lyric-centered, groove-based sound, and will be a milepost in their search

for a focused and flexible musical approach. The elements of funk and soul

join with lyrical themes of bygone eras in rural settings, characters lost,

and mortality confronted. Love achieved, and denied. Americana. Themes in

stark contrast to the pounding grooves and electronic mayhem, creating

depths and dimensions that could have been otherwise achieved only by

dropping a modular synth in the corn fields of central New York or the woods

of Connecticut. And maybe that’s exactly what happened.

Lesley Keller of Pancakes & Whiskey said, "Each time I see them perform I’m

dumbfounded at just how great they are”. paris_monster’s live show is

something to behold. The challenge when seeing them live is getting past

the fact that there are only two people creating all that sound. Two

people. A drumset. A bass. A keyboard. A eurorack modular synth. One

microphone. And all that sound. Beyond this visual impossibility is a

careful and deliberate balance of sounds, colors, and textures. Melodies to

serve a story. Chaos to destroy preciousness. The Deli NYC observed,

“infallible superior forces: as we all know now, 'with great power comes

great responsibilities,' and the duo never abuses of it - that's what good

musicianship is."

Více informací

paris_monster's full catalogue is available NOW on iTunes. The Deli

NYC said of recent release “Ain’t No Movin’ Me”: “…[paris_monster] showcases

its prowess for hook writing/crafting a track that could stand without

accompaniment as a blues-y, spirtual declaration, but is launched into

another realm by its bed of synths and echoing choruses. An inspired take on

blues-folk that's both hypnotic and engaging.”