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Femme Palette x Loono: Women’s Health

Femme Palette x Loono: Women’s Health

úterý 26.3.2019 od 18:30
Sněmovní 7, Praha

O akci

For one evening, let’s take a break from the hustle and stress, and focus on the most important thing, our health. In collaboration with Loono, we’re organizing a Women’s Health event! Through an interactive training you will learn about the importance of breast cancer prevention, warning signals of the body, and the best practices of breast self-examination to detect any potential threat before it spreads. We also mention the prevention of skin, colorectal, and cervical cancer.

We are proud to bring this event to you and create a safe and supportive environment where you can ask professionals about the intimate and important questions. We promise no scary statistics, but health and preventive care discussed in a supportive environment.

The hands-on workshop will be followed by an extended networking session, so you can meet other female professionals, make meaningful connections and have fun.

Loono is nonprofit that shows people the importance of prevention. Their team of young doctors, medical students, and other enthusiasts organizes educational workshops in schools, companies, and at festivals. Loono organized 750+ workshops and educated more than 40,000 people about the prevention and has 44 successful self-diagnoses.

Loono was started by a badass woman Katerina Vackova 4 years ago. Katerina was diagnosed with a malign ovarian cancer at the age of 22. Thanks to the fact she listened to the warning signals of her body, everything was detected in the early stage. As she has cured, Kateřina has decided to inspire other young people by her story. And so Loono was founded - to help people realize that the right time to take care of their health is now.

Let’s all stay healthy and learn how take care of ourselves together.


18:30 Door open

19:00 - 19:50 Loono Workshop and Q&A

19:50 - 21:30 Snacks & Networking

The event is for members of Femme Palette. If you are not a member yet, please apply here.