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Philip Nikwé
HUDBA Pop / World music / Ethno / Folk / Jazz / Blues / Klasika, PARTY

Philip Nikwé

pátek 26. dubna od 20:30
Piano Lounge, Praha

O akci

Philip Nikwé Singer and piano player, composer and producer, Philip Nikwé was born in Cotonou (Bénin). Moved to Paris to pursue his studies at university and started performing in bands and with various artists like Pierre Akendengue, Radiah Frye, Zao, Angélique Kidjo, writing and producing for them. After graduating from university and working in advertisment and graphic industry he resigned from his day job for doing music at full time. He also wrote and produced movie soundtracks. As one of his generation of African musicians, Philip Nikwé incorporates various influences into his music — in particular, R & B, Funk and Pop, with a real taste for melodies and a deep sense of Hip Hop mid-tempo and dance rhythms. His music cannot not be classified as world music, because Philip was not brought up in the traditions of people like Salif Keita, Youssou N’Dour or Mory Kanté. The first instrument he ever touched was a piano. Though he likes to dabble in percussion, the piano remains at the center of his playing and composing. As a result, Philip Nikwé music is universal. Discography: Movin' Pata (Night & Day) 3D / Alpha & Omega (Universal) The Taste of your Love (Chemistry of Sound) Dans l'Arène (Chemistry of Sound) Soundtracks and Grooves (Chemistry of Sound) 2 Hot 2 Chill (Chemistry of Sound)


Piano Lounge se nachází v podzemních prostorách restaurace Food Lab na Haštalské ulici v samém srdci Starého města.

Každý týden se ve středu, čtvrtek, pátek a v sobotu pobavíte u pravidelných stand-up comedy shows a žívé hudby.

Naše signature koktejly a rozmanitý výběr kvalitních vín už budou jen třešničkou na dortu skvělého večera. :)


Piano lounge is situated in a basement of the Food Lab restaurant on Haštalská street in the heart of the Old Town.

Every Wednesday,Thursday, Friday and Saturday you can have fun with stand-up comedy shows and live music.

Our signature cocktails and variety of quality wines are really just icing on the cake.