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FashionRevolutionWeek, Upcycling workshop: Folk dress / Kroj

FashionRevolutionWeek, Upcycling workshop: Folk dress / Kroj

sobota 27.4.2019 od 16:00
Dům ochránců přírody / Nadace Veronica, Brno

O akci

Is there any inspiration to be sourced from folk dresses?
How to use it in contemporary items?

Resourceful expressions through the everyday folk dress with artist Sonya Darrow.

Expat friendly event in English (but Czechs shouldn't be afraid to join either).

Czech-American artist Sonya Darrow uses traditional folk art practices to create unique forms of folk dress. For Fashion Revolution Week 2019, she will share her passion for folk dress materials and techniques in a 3 hours workshop. The group of 12 participants will be introduced to:

👉 different techniques used traditionally to decorate folk dresses

👉different materials that could be used for contemporary folk dress & the ways in which they could be used in a meaningful way

Please note that the ticket for 40 CZK only represents a booking fee. Voluntary contribution (recommended minimum starting from 100 CZK) may be donated at the event.  All the donations wil be used for charity - to support environmental projects through Nadace Veronica´s grant scheme.