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Grow with Google & Femme Palette: Effective Communication

Grow with Google & Femme Palette: Effective Communication

sobota 8. června od 9:00
Google Czech Republic, Praha

O akci

To be successful in business, you have to communicate well. To be a good leader, you have to communicate exceptionally well. We could write a whole book about the importance of communication skills, but for now, we will invite you to a workshop that will help you become a more effective communicator!

Grow with Google aims to equip people with the right skills to thrive in the digital era and so prosper in their careers and life. As mastering effective communication is one of the key skills to do so, Femme Palette & Google teamed up to prepare a full-day workshop that shows you how you could improve interactions with others, build stronger relationships with your team and become more productive at work.

Led by Cognitio-Scan lecturer and communication expert Petr Polák, this powerful course is designed for those of you who want to maximise the effectiveness of your communication and achieve the optimum results with clients, team members, partners or family members.

During the training, the theoretical and practical sections alternate, with strong emphasis on the practical ones. Among the topics discussed are:

• 8-step communication model

• Laws for creating smooth and comprehensible communication

• Setting up conversation frameworks

• The power of non-verbal communication through pacing and leading

• FGA formula


This workshop strengthens the following competencies:

• Communication

• Social feeling

• Reflection

• Active listening

• Evaluation instead of judgment


After the training you:

• Get insight into how misunderstandings arise and how you can prevent them.

• Will know what the essential elements of strong communication are and how you can apply them in everyday life.

• Will be able to create a deep human contact in which security, trust, respect and equivalence are present.

• Will know how to handle the basic law that creates a click with a communication partner.

• Will be able to change the center of your attention during conversation.

• Will learn not to evaluate or judge your conversation counterpart.

• Will experience the power of non-verbal communication and discard all your prejudices.

Come join us for this unique opportunity to learn advanced communication skills that have maximum impact! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday June 8th in Google Prague offices!


To-dos before the workshop:

  • Sign up here http://gwg.cognitio-scan.cz/ after you grab your ticket.
  • Make it to the Google office before 9am on a Saturday :) Here is how to: ring the bell “Recepce” to enter the building, then go up the stairs on the left side of the reception, take your seat in the meeting room on the 1st floor


This is a full-day workshop. The event starts at 9am at ends at 5pm.


  • This event is for the members of Femme Palette. If you are not a member yet, apply at https://femme-palette.mn.co/.

  • By purchasing the ticket you agree to the following: I am aware that Femme Palette collects my answers as a lecture organizer. I agree that the organizer will contact me with the impact questionnaire that will be used to evaluate and improve the Grow with Google Education Initiatives.