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Better Self, Better World conference 20

Better Self, Better World conference 20

sobota 30.11.2019 od 9:00
Univerzitní kino Scala, Brno

O akci

An inspirational event in English focused on personal growth and motivation.

Sharing is caring. In order to make a positive change to make the world a better place, it has to come from within.

Do you want to be a better version of yourself? Seeking new motivation in your life? Join and get a push by the experience of others!

The conference speakers come from different corners of the world and so have various stories and advice to share. Topics like leadership, happiness in life, holistic medicine, purpose at work, success and confidence will be covered by the experts in the fields.

The conference will be followed by a hot wine networking with the purpose to approach the speakers as well as the other participants of the conference to share your experience, ask additional questions and make new contacts.