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Alex Powers stand-up comedy (English)

Alex Powers stand-up comedy (English)

sobota 22. února od 20:00
Club Desert, Brno

O akci

Three Comics, One Night: 150 czk in advance; 200 czk at the door. Don't miss this one!

Alex Powers is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actress, and model. As a comic, she has been described as a “pervy, middle-aged man trapped in the body of a cute Jewish lesbian.” Her stand-up has been characterized as edgy, unpredictable, and remarkably smart.

Denice Bourbon is a writer, queer- feminist activist, singer, burlesque artist, entertainer, performer and DJ living in Austria. She co-founded Vienna's insanely successful *PCCC (politically correct comedy club).

Anne Johnson is from California and lives in Brno. She reminds you of Ellen DeGeneres, Ursula the Seawitch, and your mom.