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Tomas Lukac Group /SK, GER, AT, CN/ (music of Kurt Cobain)
HUDBA Rock / Jazz / Blues / Klasika

Tomas Lukac Group /SK, GER, AT, CN/ (music of Kurt Cobain)

pátek 13. března od 20:30
Music Lab, Brno

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Kurt Cobain + Nirvana + Jazz = ?

Slovak guitarist Tomas Lukac presents a new unique project that blends the best of two opposite worlds of jazz and rock music. He extends notoriously known songs by the legendary rock band Nirvana with new musical elements and transforms them into a form never heard before. Intimate atmosphere of jazz ballads, hip-hop beats, rock solos, and the best jazz has to offer – improvisation. This all delivers a special musical experience to fans of any music genre.

Part of this brand new project has been released in December of 2019 as an EP ‘You Know You’re Right’. In 2020, Tomas has been touring extensively around Europe with his international band featuring Andre Schwager (DE) – piano, Markus Oberleitner (AT) – bass, Zhitong Xu (CN) – drums.




Currently Based in Munich, Germany, born in Bratislava, Slovakia, Tomas grew up in an artistic enviroment. His musical developement oscillated between a variety of music genres and styles (rock, blues, funk, jazz..), which helped him to achieve a strong instumental flexibility in his professional carrer later on. Once exposed to the world of jazz - he fell in love with it immediately. Tomas finished his Bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar performance at high-profile University of Performing Arts in  Graz, Austria. He is currently preparing to finish his Master studies at the University for Music and Theater in Munich , Germany, where he has been studying with one of the Europe’s finest jazz guitarists – Peter O’Mara. He has succesfully attended a number of international competitions, such as Jazz Start Up (2017, with Tomas Lukac Group), New Faces of Slovak Jazz (2017, with Tomas Lukac Group), or Kurt Maas Jazz Award (2019, Tomas Lukac Trio). As leader, composer, arranger, or sideman, he has worked on multiple international projects, including: Tomas Lukac Group , Annamerika Quintet, Ellipsis Quintet, and many more.. Has has played/recorded with: Robben Ford, Jim Rotondi, Ed Partyka, and more..