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Femme Palette Speed Mentoring

Femme Palette Speed Mentoring

úterý 31. března od 18:00
WorkLounge Karlín, Praha

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At Femme Palette, we always try to come up with new ideas to make our events more engaging so that you get value. That’s why we’re trying a new event concept called Speed Mentoring, where you'll receive advice on your career challenges from our mentors! 

During this event, you’ll get to chat with 3 mentors for 10 minutes each and will receive actionable advice from them. While you wait for your mentoring sessions, you’ll get a chance to connect and chat with other women from the same mentoring track you choose. 


You can select one of these mentoring track:
The Explorer: Whether you’re fresh out of school and just starting to navigate the whole ~adult professional~ thing, or you’re a couple of years deep and ready for the next step, the Explorer Mentoring will help illuminate the path you’re destined for.

Topic Examples: General career advice, Soft-skills development, Level up in your current career, Career change, etc.


The Job Hunter: Are you getting ready to switch a job and need to polish your interviewing skills? Ask the recruiters and hiring managers any questions you have about interviewing and landing your dream job. Bring your resume to get actionable feedback right away. 

Topic Examples: Resume review, Interview practice, and guidance, etc.


The Manager: Are you currently climbing the ladder as a mid-level employee or are you a first-time manager? In this Mentoring Track you can ask anything leadership related.

Topic Examples: Leadership or management skills, Work-life balance, Team Management, Team Culture etc.


The Entrepreneur: Select this Mentoring Track if you’ve started your own business (or are close to launching one). Come ready to talk to about your entrepreneurial challenges with the experienced owners. This track is also for freelancers!

Topic Examples: Launching and growing your business, hiring a team, pricing, marketing of your product etc.


This is your unique opportunity to get quick advice, meet mentors from our mentoring program and connect with other women from the community! If you are new to mentoring, this way you can test out if mentoring brings any value to you. 


The spots per each Mentoring Track are limited! If you see that the mentoring track you want to sign up for is sold out, please contact us at mentoring@femmepalette.com.

Více informací

We reserve a right to cancel the event and refund you your money in case the coronavirus outbreak worsens.


Femme Palette is a community of professional women living in the Czech Republic. Apart from educational and networking events, Femme Palette offers a mentorship program to help women advance in their careers. Learn more about Femme Palette and join the community here.