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O.T.K., Tábor, Absolutně Černé Těleso, Manollo v DEPU
KONCERT / TANEČNÍ PARTY / Hudba – Blues, Elektronika, Folk / Country, Jazz, Klasika, Metal, Punk, Rock, Worldmusic

O.T.K., Tábor, Absolutně Černé Těleso, Manollo v DEPU

pátek 22.4.2022 od 20:30
Rock Depo, Velké Meziříčí

O akci

OTK were established in Prague more than 15 years ago. Nowadays they are a 4 piece and play stuff a little bit similar to New Wet Kojak, Codeine, Morphine or Sonic Youth.
Guitarist/vocalist Ondrej Jezek, owner of a studio and respected producer (said to be Czech Steve Albini), has worked with Kip Beelman (Sleater Kinney, Juno, Unwound, Built To Spill) and Jonathan Burnside (Nirvana, Melvins, Depeche Mode).
The making of last OTK record “Sona A Kuva” took almost two years and was co-produced by Kip Beelman and another valued Czech producer Jan P. Muchow (Ecstasy of St.Theresa). “Sona A Kuva” was released on Silver Rocket records in march, 2003 (see reviews bellow).
This year OTK were awarded by Czech Music Academy as the best alternative band  records made by OTK leader Ondrej Jezek were nominated).
OTK are
Ondrej Jezek - g, voc
Honza Zalud - bg
Honza Klempir - keyboards
Jarda Mugrauer - dr

Více informací


„OTK's mesmerizing doom-and-gloom sound is also startlingly original. It lulls you with grimy, edgy

repetition, then bludgeons you with volatile brutality. Listening to Sona A Kuva is like taking a wrong

turn and finding yourself in a seedy, sunless underworld. … I don't know what OTK have done before,

and I (literally) don't know what they're saying now, but I'm aware enough to recognize the fromthe-

gutter power of this exquisite album. You'd do well to follow suit." Splendid

„Those emo kids may rise from the corners of suburbs to claim their depression, but it is a feeling of

oppression encapsulated by their monotonous, dark sound that rolls deflated hearts into something

substantial." Lost At Sea

Check Minority Records website at www.minorityrecords.com for mp3, full-length reviews etc.