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Barakah - Album Release Concert at Music Lab Brno
HUDBA Jazz / Blues / Klasika

Barakah - Album Release Concert at Music Lab Brno

pátek 18. března od 20:30
Music Lab, Brno

O akci

Barakah releases their new Album "Koyo"


Barakah is a young, up-and-coming world jazz group operating from Vienna. Concentrated talent and perfect skills on the instruments are the basic requirements for the musicians. The inspiration for this concept album was taken from the imaginative story of Koyo: The Koyo, originating from North African spirituality, leaves his homeland with the desire to discover the world. He wanders without belongings, through many countries, into a new country unknown to him. There he is confronted with a society and a way of life that is fundamentally different from the one he is familiar with. Despite financial strugglings, he uses his music and spirituality to navigate his way through this strange world, in hopes of building a dignified life for himself. Emerging from the jazz sector, Barakah enriches his music with a variety of stylistic influences from all over the world and a certain openness to music styles such as hip-hop, funk, rock and metal. These are artistically interwoven with elements of North African Gnawa music and Latin American rhythms. In addition, there is a great enthusiasm for improvisation and a penchant for experimental concepts.


Anton Prettler - reeds
Jakob Mayr - trombone
Paulo Correa - keys
Martin Demmer - guitar
Thomas Milacher - bass
Sherif Abdalla - drums