5th Conference Exopolitics, History & Spirituality

5th Conference Exopolitics, History & Spirituality

19. listopadu od 8:00 – 20.11.
Vachler Art Company - Ateliér A, Praha
Vstupenka do mobilu
od 32 do 390 Zobrazit ceny

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předprodej končí 19. listopadu

Livestream (English language)

Access to the livestream for two days without evening concerts. The entire broadcast is in English.

Základní cena 32 € Koupit

Basic ticket (incl. lunch and dinner for 2 days)

Entrance to the hall for both days, access to the live broadcast and lunch and dinner throughout. Includes pad, pen and book bookmark with the Sueneé Universe logo. Free admission to evening concerts.

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VIP Silver (incl. basic+bonuses)

All as BASIC TICKET. Plus: Named seat in the front. The right to priority check-in in the queue. Voucher for 100 CZK to the ESHOP (voucher is only valid during the event). Free admission to evening concerts.

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VIP Gold (incl. basic+dessert&bonuses)

All as BASIC ADMISSION. In addition: Dessert for dinner with service. Name seat in the first rows. The right to priority check-in in the queue. Joint photo with the performers. Interview on camera about your conference experience and close encounters. Voucher for 200 CZK to the ESHOP (voucher is only valid during the event). Free admission to evening concerts.

Základní cena 390 € Koupit

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O akci

The news server Sueneé Universe is organizing in Prague, on 19.11. from 08:00 to 20/11/2022, already the 5th International Conference of Exopolitics, History and Spirituality on the topic FRIENDLY ENCOUNTERS

You will finde more information about our event on Conference website.

Participation in this conference:

Dr. Steven Greer - founder of CSETI and the CE5 protocol
Su Walker - Aliens Are My Neighbors
Mary Rodwell - Australian ET Encounter Research Group (ACERN)
Agustín Rodríguez - Boeing 747 pilot; he flew with aliens
Jasmuheen - Spiritual coach and telepath
Robert Bernatowicz - founder of the Polish exopolitical foundation Nautilus
Porf. Jan Rak - nuclear physicist
Petr Vachler - producer, director, screenwriter of docu-series about UFOs
Antonín Baudyš - astrologer and exopolitic enthusiast
Jarek Doležel - Sumerian history researcher
Alex McKenzie - hypnotherapist and CE5 guide
Sueneé - Editor-in-chief of Sueneé Universe

Guests of honor and accompanying program:

Viliam Poltikovič - director, screenwriter
Václav QAD Urban - researcher and Czech druid
Jan Procházka - youtube channel: Friends from space
Edit Tichá - craniosacral biodynamics
Mantrovníci - concert
Andie and friends - concert

Create with us new universe with happines... :-)

The guides and moderators of the meeting are the poet and author of Space Correspondence Ta Ura and the editor-in-chief of the Sueneé server.​

You can attend the conference physically and be part of the action. Have a discussion with our guests and meet other supporters in person. If you cannot attend physically, it is possible to use an online connection.


WARNING: The organizers are clearly aware of the complex social and political situation. Already today you can buy tickets both for the hall (Vachler Art Company, Atelier A, Chlumova 7, Prague 3) and for the online paid broadcast. For preventive reasons, the capacity of the hall is limited. Everyone without distinction will have the opportunity to participate in the online broadcast and ask any questions via chat. With this, we want to assure the participants that the conference will take place under all circumstances and at the same time let them know that this is not a public cultural event but only a film production.

Foreign guests can participate via conference call or in person. More information can be found on the website in their profile.

The organizers reserve the right to change the program.


From November 22, 2022, a recording will be available to all ticket holders.

Více informací

The organizer is Sueneé Universe, z.s. ID: 07970616. Become an active fan and please support the project with a financial donation.


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