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Poker Face
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Poker Face

sobota 3.12.2022 od 19:00
Vesna, Brno

O akci

Petr Kolečko’s “Poker Face” is a wry look at three Czech generations as they bet on hope, gamble their futures, and bluff past their personal and political disappointments. The play starts with the events of the Velvet Revolution in 1989 and ends with Havel's death in 2011.

Czech Theater, z.s. is a multicultural amateur community theater that performs Czech plays in English. This play has been double cast, with two different sets of actors on alternating nights. 

A ticket for one show is 200 czk, one ticket for any/ all shows is 300 czk. 

Více informací

Performances will be at VESNA, at Udolni 10, Brno. VESNA is Brno’s space for single mothers and families in need. Several of Czech Theater's plays (including Jenufa, B. Proudew, and now Poker Face) have featured single mothers so we’re happy to be connecting with VESNA to keep the drama on the stage and help reduce the drama in the real world.

A portion of all ticket sales will go to VESNA, and we will be accepting additional donations at the door for people who wish to support VESNA's mission.