Orka / Sacred Singing Circle
HUDBA World music / Ethno / Folk / Spirituální, OSOBNÍ ROZVOJ

Orka / Sacred Singing Circle

pátek 24.2.2023 od 19:00
Komunitní Prostor Smíchov, Praha
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předprodej končí 23.2.2023

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Sacred Singing Circle
A sacred singing space for devotional healing

Orka is known for her unique work in singing circles, and while the music plays through her and the circle, everybody is invited to join in and generously share their voices, with the deep calling of devotion to the moment, to the circle and to the spirit.

This is a very unique experience and opportunity to meet yourself in a deep singing circle with Orka.

The songs shared come from Central America, the Jewish culture, the Rainbow culture and new songs by Orka. And before this magical circle will start, we will have a Spirit Dive - Meditative Sufi Meditation Music for Relaxing your Soul & Mind!

It is an invitation to connect, communicate and open up, you are welcome to join!



Or Teppler, 37 years old, fresh mother to twins, known professionally as Orka - is a musician, lead singer of two bands: ForesTT and OROT.
Orka is one of the leaders of the phenomenon community of Singing Circles in Israel - which these days is becoming a huge global music Movement.

She is a facilitator of small and large Singing Circles and a leader of women Circles while she leads an agenda of feminine empowerment.
Orka was invited to speak and sing on TEDX Tel Aviv event opening for Shimon Peres's Talk .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXCA-aVBlQ

Orka has traveled extensively around the world and has lived for long periods of time
in England, China, Germany, Costa Rica and India.
Orka is about to launch her solo project with a debut EP produced by Nadav Dagon, along with a strong message and deep intentions for global healing and transformation.
This Launch campaign aims to place ORKA as the global female leader she is, and her music as border breaking conscious music touching pop and mainstream fans.

Cunaq/ Shar Libi: https://youtu.be/C9CwnJHM27Y Agua De Estrellas: https://youtu.be/G601kuFmagA Yemannja: https://youtu.be/5lOvgBCpbVY

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