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Welicoruss / As The Sun Falls / Okult
KONCERT / Hudba – Metal

Welicoruss / As The Sun Falls / Okult

sobota 6.5.2023 od 19:30
BARRÁK music club, Ostrava

O akci

Roots of WELICORUSS [epic/extreme metal] go back to deep 2002 in Western Siberia, when founder and leader of band, Alexey Boganov, started as one-man bands but then formed full-fledged band and at that time Welicoruss became one of the pioneers of epic black metal in Russia and CIS contries. Band releases their first opuses, all the while experimenting with a style which could be described as symphonic black metal with elements of pagan, epic, melodic metal, saturated with dense epic symphonic arrangements with various types of vocals. In their lyrics and conception Welicoruss refers to the secret, occult side of life, mixing with the national, local Siberian “shade”, mixed with tribal mysticism, primal fury and majesty of Natural forces.
In 2013 Welicoruss relocated to Prague (Czech Republic) and started new work on completely different level, full of permanent tours, concerts and festivals. Welicoruss had the honor of being invited to such festivals as Hellfest (FR), Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), Made Of Metal (CZ), The Legends Rock Fest (CZ), Ragnarok fest (DE) and many more. In 2020 Welicoruss was signed by German label El Puerto Records, released their last album “Siberian Heathen Horde” and going on tour with Eisregen.

AS THE SUN FALLS [FIN] was founded by the songwriter/guitarist Jani (Soldiers Bloodcraft/Tenebrae Aeternum) in March 2020.
In a short time musicians such as the drummer Andreas (formerly Soldiers Bloodcraft), singer Tobias (formerly Soldiers Bloodcraft), guitarist Alexis and bassist Matthias (Forced Shadow) joined the band. The line up was completed and what was supposed to be Jani’s solo project became a band. In April 2020 the first EP “Dreams of Far Lands” came out successfully and got spread worldwide. During the summer singer Tobias left the band and got replaced by current singer Mischa who firstly joined the band as a session member for some scheduled live shows in
On mid September 2020 Mischa joined As The Sun Falls as a full member and recorded some songs for an upcoming release.
Despite the difficulties due to Covid-19 the band managed to play their very first “sold out” live show on October 3, 2020. In November 2020 came out a 3 track EP called “Memoriam”
while on December 24 the band released another single online under the title “When The Sun Shines No More”.During the next months the band is entering the studio to complete the
making of their debut album called “Last Days of Light”. On September 18th the full album was released worldwide.

Beginning of 2022 Jani started the work on the follow up album as well as an EP entitled “Far Beyond” which was released on June 10th, 2022. During the summer 22 Jani relocated to Finland and the constellation of the band got reorganized. With Lauri Unkila (Mors Pricipium Est) on guitar, Oskar Englund on bass guitar and Paul Rytkönen on drums the band performed a new set during the summer. The production of the follow-up album started in November 2022 and the release is scheduled
on Spring 2023.

OKULT - death metal [CZ]


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