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ATG VLNY // Arnø, fleika, nrmn, Raphael Kosmos
TANEČNÍ PARTY / Hudba – Elektronika, Techno

ATG VLNY // Arnø, fleika, nrmn, Raphael Kosmos

pátek 9.6.2023 od 22:00
Altenburg 1964, Praha

O akci

Line up:

22-01 Arno
01-03 nrmn
03-05 fleika
05-07 Raphael

~ Arnø (Mezibranská) ~¨

Eintopf, Omicron, Mezibranská nebo Studio Central jsou pražské převážně elektronické spolky, které mají za sebou nespočet večírků. DJ Arnø je jedním ze zakladatelů. Jeho dlouhé mixy tracků napříč elektronickým spektrem jsou vždy okořeněny proměnlivou atmosférou. Od puristického techna, přes šamanské zaklínačky až po houseové tracky s vokály. Takový je typický projev tohoto DJ ze Žižkova, který si užívá party na bytě, klubové stage i v outdooru. Komnatu ATG otevře a rozezní atmosférickým dub technem a pak se uvidí.

~ nrmn (Ankali) ~

As a member of the warehouse party series nite vibes, nrmn has developed into a seasoned selector of hard hitting contemporary techno and beyond. When playing in a club, there is a specific type of relentless energy that nrmn is dealing with, something he’s managed to transplant into his techno selection from the years he’s spent refining his Grime self. As a member of the warehouse party series nite vibes, nrmn has developed into a seasoned selector of hard hitting contemporary techno and beyond.


~ fleika (Ankali) ~

Throughout his growth from a fan of music to DJ, and DJ to event creator, fleika’s selection of techno as his weapon of choice was a natural one, owing to the endless nights spent partying in the various warehouses and one-shot locations of Prague’s techno renaissance. Between his membership of the Polygon collective, regular exposure at Cukr events and performances at Prague’s Stalin plaza, fleika has become one of the local scene’s most sought-after selectors. Each of fleika’s performances is a humble lecture in subtle mind control, the precision of his fingers when leaning over the mixer indicative of the high complexity of thought. Characterised by pristine atmosphere, trance-inducing percussion, and a controlled perplexity of unidentified synth sounds, each performance is unlike the last. fleika’s skills have been rapidly developing in Ankali’s DJ booth thanks to his involvement as club resident from the beginning. His commitment manifests in persistent digging through vast worlds of music, and in extensive, marathon sets.

~ Raphael Kosmos ~

Taking up DJing and record digging early on, and grinding away to every booth in the city, Raphael Kosmos has seen it all. His practice started taking shape during the massively spread freetek movement. Being affiliated with local sound systems, illegally occupying various fields and warehouses, his way of thinking was nudged away from mainstream culture. Progressing with his taste, he later co-founded Endless Illusion, a seminal local label which brought releases and appearances of international guests, creating one of the first connections of our city with the outside world, while inspiring younger generations a decade later. His fascination with music of all kinds knows little limits and it is rare to hear him having a conversation on the bar about anything else than the music itself. Owning a vast collection of records and always with some fresh digs at hand, he can be spotted at a wide range of parties and clubs, from Disco feasts to industrial shindigs. In 2021 he founded a new publishing outlet of his own, a white label called Späti Records, which aims to put out music Kosmos thinks deserves to be outed, and under which he now irregularly organises parties in several like-minded spots. Under his own or the Späti brand he regularly contributes mixes to various online stations (Mutant, Laude, Punctum). On a daily basis you can meet him behind the counter of Graffneck, the street art store with a considerable record section which Kosmos maintains fresh and juicy.


Arnø (CZ) – soundcloud fleika (CZ) – soundcloud Raphael Kosmos (CZ) – soundcloud