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PAF Olomouc 2023
FESTIVAL / Film / Hudba / Umění

PAF Olomouc 2023

7. – 10. prosince 2023 od 11:00
Konvikt, Olomouc

O akci

PAF Olomouc 2023 – True Stories

22. ročník přehlídky filmové animace a současného umění PAF Olomouc je vyvrcholením ročních aktivit kurátorské platformy PAF. Festival se koná na více než deseti lokalitách napříč Olomoucí od 7. do 10. 12. 2023 a opět nabídne ucelený program z oblasti audiovizuálního umění – projekce, výstavy, přednášky, workshopy, koncerty i performance.

DIS collective

Colin Self

Bobbi Salvör Menuez

Bully Fae Collins

Coby Sey

George Finlay Ramsey


Rebecca Salvadori


Lukáš Prokop

Holy Similaun


Jiné Vize CZ 2023

A---Z Screenings

Daniel Felstead

Johannes Tröstler

Valentýna Janů

Matěj Strnad

Anna Kryvenko



Isama Zing

... & more & more to come!

The affirmation of truth, or the deception and twisting of facts is reflected in the overall concept of this year's PAF Olomouc. True stories have become a means to contemplate the present.

More than a purely technological analysis of image and sound, we are interested in the subversiveness with which truth can be handled in the realm of moving images and, more broadly, in contemporary art. The subversiveness may come from an unreliable narrator, or from a play of language, confirming our conviction in our steps and our existence – the multiplicity of assurances and their tools. Therefore, as a semantic antipole of the theme and its metaphorical paraphrasing, everything could be labelled a scam.

True stories, in their plurality, stimulate the multiplication of interpretations related to a single event, highlighting the credibility or, conversely, the intentional deceit of social narratives. Affirmation of the truth which, in English, is supplemented by the established phrase "true story," reassures us about our own interpretation.Thus, in 2023, PAF can be not only an imaginary scene for True Stories, but also quite deliberately, an arena for their debunking.

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