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Fast & Furiants
DIVADLO / Představení – Činohra

Fast & Furiants

neděle 3.12.2023 od 19:00
Vesna, Brno

O akci

Ladislav Stroupežnický's Naši furianti is a 19th century comedy about life in a village. Czech Theater takes it in a slightly different direction: Fast & Furiants. This famous Czech play is performed across the country every year, with traditional costumes, beautiful singing, and folk dancing. But if you want to see it in English, there’s only one place to be.

What is a furiant, anyway? They like to talk about the things they don’t know and to brag about the things they don’t have. A furiant has to be the first in the community, have the last word, and they’re always in the right, even when they are wrong!

Alternate Dates:

November 25

November 26

December 2

Founded in 2018, Czech Theater, z.s. is a Brno-based multicultural amateur community theater that performs Czech plays in English. 

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Více informací

Performances will be at VESNA, at Udolni 10, Brno. VESNA is Brno’s space for women and families in need. We’re happy to be connecting with VESNA to keep the drama on the stage and help reduce the drama in the real world.

A portion of all ticket sales will go to VESNA, and we will be accepting additional donations at the door for people who wish to support VESNA's mission.