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Slast ⏆ So Beast / IT
KONCERT / Hudba – Experimentální

Slast ⏆ So Beast / IT

sobota 16.12.2023 od 22:00
Akropolis Underground, Praha

O akci

So Beast are Katarina Poklepovic and Michele Quadri, both producers, beat makers, musicians, and composers from mixed backgrounds, based in the countryside of Bologna.

For many years, So Beast’s journey was mainly focused on free improvisation, experimentation, multimedia art, and radio art. They have curated several radio art podcasts (such as “World Wide Breast” for Radio Tsunami in Chile, “Lungs Dance” for Galleriapiu, and “OOXXYY” for Narkissos Gallery in Bologna). For years, they have toured the deepest underground scene in Europe and the Balkans.

The musical spark was ignited in 2015 when the duo began experimenting with piano and a drum machine within the circuit of the Bologna social center XM24, following their own aesthetic-sound flow.

Their stylistic identity is made up of psychedelic, pop, punk, noise-avant-garde, contemporary world music, but never easy to categorize in a defined category. Experimentation and revolution are the keywords underlying their sound, which becomes a real existential approach.

In December 2016, their first album, “Kira,” was released for the independent Californian label Time Released Sound. 

In 2019, “Fit Unformal” was released for the Bolognese label Oh Dear Records and U-Bac, a German label. 

The following year, the EP “Superblack” was released for UR-Suoni, while in 2021, they released several singles, including “Punch” and “Multyplayer” (NEEDN’T).

In the past year, they performed at Dr. Martens Fest, Beaches Brew, and Jazzwerkstatt in Switzerland. 

They also launched a monthly program called “Abstract Boombox” on Radio Raheem with their monthly program Abstract Boombox.

So Beast explores new artistic territories, not only embracing different languages and genres, but also coming into contact with art forms that go beyond music. 

They engage in dialogue with fashion, collaborating with Marco Rambaldi for the soundtracks of his shows during Milan Fashion Week 2020/21/22.

In 2023, they return with a new production and release their latest album, BRILLA, on March 31st for Neednt’ and La Tempesta.


So Beast breaks the boundaries of art, genres, and language. They experiment, mix, unite, and dialogue without ever imposing limits, all while pursuing the highest level of quality and international productions.