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Twilight Carnival
SHOW / VYSTOUPENÍ / Burlesque / Kabaret

Twilight Carnival

sobota 9. března od 20:00
K-Kafe, Praha

O akci

Welcome to the Twilight Carnival: A Cabaret Fusion!

Experience the unique charm of the Twilight Carnival. This magical extravaganza, hosted in English by Kitty Fire and Fifi Pharaonic, guarantees an evening filled with captivating performances, an air of mystery, and charming surprises.

🌟 Event Highlights:

Rudy Daddy - The Vampire King of Prague

Joudi de la Cour - The Pin-Up Firecracker of Burlesque

Ruby Sebastian - The Creepy Siren of Pop Music

Ginger Wixxie -  Burlesque Bull Tamer with a Pizza Passion

Ruby Tsunami - Brno's Own Comedic Burlesque Delight

Fifi Pharaonic - High-Energy Gender-Bending Dynamo

Kitty Fire - The Captivating Ethereal Drag Witch

Show starts: 20:00

Doors Open: 19:00

Secure your tickets now and be part of the extraordinary Twilight Carnival! 🎭