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TANEČNÍ PARTY / Hudba – House, Techno


pátek 19. dubna od 20:00
Trojhalí Karolína, Ostrava

O akci

COAL Hall 2024 přichází do Trojhalí Karolina, aby zahalil Ostravu do pulsujícího rytmu techna a elektronické hudby. Tato nekompromisní událost slibuje spojit hudební nadšence a vykouzlit nezapomenutelnou noc plnou energie a euforie.

Hlavní scéna, realizovaná ve spolupráci s Force Production a Beatworx, kteří stojí za LET IT ROLL Festivalem, vás okouzlí ohromující světelnou show a vynikajícím ozvučením od Funktion One.



Gregor Tresher (GER, Break New Soil) 

Chris Liebing (Germany, CLR) 

Sam Paganini (Italy, JAM)

Perc Live (ENG, Perc Trax) 


Orbith b2b Lucca

Golpe aka Broken Robot


Pro návštěvníky bude připravena i druhá stage v pomyslném důlním tunelu, ve kterém vystoupí Polský techno matador Siasia, slovenský techno bijec Signate, česká techno princess Jaqullin, zlínští borci Ian Kita a Manish a rezidenti COAL Festival Van Vega a Mikeshi.



Gregor Tresher (DE) – web / fb Chris Liebing (DE) – web Sam Paganini (IT) – web / insta Perc (GB) – soundcloud Orbith (CZ) – fb / soundcloud Lucca (CZ) – web / soundcloud Golpe (CZ) – fb / soundcloud



  • Gregor Tresher (GER, Watergate)
  • Chris Liebing (GER, CLR)
  • Perc Live - (ENG, Perc Traxx)
  • Sam Paganini - (ITA, JAM)
  • Golpe aka Broken Robot
  • Orbith & Lucca
  • Marco Key & Mendoza


  • Jaqullin
  • Siasia /PL/
  • Signate /SK/
  • Djeda Lebeda & KObylka Drums
  • Ian Kitta
  • Mikeshi
  • Manish
  • Van Vega


Hlavní scéna, realizovaná ve spolupráci s Force Production a Beatworx, kteří stojí za LET IT ROLL Festivalem, vás okouzlí ohromující světelnou show a vynikajícím ozvučením od Funktion One.


COAL Festivals comes with the biggest indoor techno experience in Ostrava! On 19.04.2024 a new era of our group will begin in the premises of Trojhali Karolina. 

Visitors can look forward to a dark indoor event not only with icons of the techno scene but also with the new blood of this genre. 

COAL Festivals has already earned a mark of quality in its decade-long history, and the annual feedback only confirms that the organizers strive to enrich the cultural scene in the coal region in an unconventional and creative way with a focus on visitor satisfaction.



Gregor Tresher (GER, Break New Soil) 

- German DJ and producer, is an important figure in electronic music. He started his career in 2000 and has since become a respected name in the world of the techno genre. His music, characterized by innovation and precise sound, has brought him to prestigious stages and festivals around the world. Tresher is also the founder of his own label, Break New Soil, where he supports new talent and continues to enrich the world of electronic music.

Chris Liebing (Germany, CLR) 

- Germany's techno ambassador, a legend who has continuously innovated the genre from the hard 90s to the present day. 

His passion and creativity come to life in his new politically motivated EP "Love Those Who Fight With Passion And Faith,". 

Join him for an amazing set showcasing a new techno sound, embodying his iconic label CLR. 

Long before it became commonplace, he hosted his own podcast, CLR, which was considered the most influential show in the techno scene, featuring some of the most prominent pioneers. An equally important AM/FM radio show followed. After a short hiatus, he is now back with the CLR podcast, bringing fresh techno programming, and continues to operate with the iconic label of the same name. 

Sam Paganini (Italy, JAM)

- Italian DJ and producer, a master of dark tones and atmospheric beats that will take over your musical senses. 

He has created an unforgettable mark on the music scene with his track "Rave," which defies classification in the genre and reaches listeners worldwide, gaining over 100 million listens and becoming the most pressed techno track ever.

Since 1996, he has experimented with styles and collaborated with prestigious labels such as Plus8, Cocoon Recordings and Drumcode, repeatedly reaching the top of the Beatport Techno Chart. Sam founded his own label JAM in 2016 as a platform for his vision of techno music. 

Alongside his studio work and production, Sam's DJ sets are some of the most in-demand around the world, characterised by strong grooves and described as "Sexy Groovy Dark Techno," giving a hint of what to expect from his performances. 

Perc Live (ENG, Perc Trax) 

- Perc is one of the key points of modern electronic music: an internationally touring DJ and live performer, founder of the leading music label Perc Trax and one of the most respected producers in modern techno today. 

His musical journey has included performances at iconic venues such as Berghain, Fabric, and Awakenings Festival, and the release of successful albums, including the recent "Wave Hammer" from 2023. 

In 2024, we are set for a pivotal year in his career with the release of his new album "The Cut Off" and the celebration of his 20th anniversary and 100th release on his Perc Trax label.


Massive stage in cooperation with Beatworx and Force Production. Stage with mining design and one of the best sound system Funktion One.




1. Wave - 899 Kč

2. Wave - 999 Kč

3. Wave - 1099 Kč

4. Wave - 1199 Kč

5. Wave - 1290 Kč

At Door - 1290 Kč

At Door after 3:00 am - 790 Kč

Entry Afterparty 100 Kč

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