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Joander Cruz Trio feat- Ben Tiberio and Max Stadtfeld
KONCERT / Hudba – Experimentální, Jazz

Joander Cruz Trio feat- Ben Tiberio and Max Stadtfeld

úterý 13. února od 20:00
Music Lab, Brno

O akci

Curz-Tiberio-Statfelder Trio aims to create a place of jazz magic in the style of the streets of New York, where the sounds of Afro-Brazilian heritage and modern intellectual aesthetics collide.They believe that there are no boundaries in music and their chemistry is proof that jazz is truly about mixing and understanding.

Více informací

The band consists of Ben Tiberio on bass, Max Stadtfeld on drums, and Joander Cruz on saxophone.

Ben is one of the most sought-after bassists in the New York jazz scene. He is a member of the Ari Hoenig Trio and has toured with artists such as Shai Maestro, Ben Wendel, and Aaron Goldberg. In 2021, he released his debut album "Rare Peace."

Link to Ben Tiberio's music: https://youtu.be/p0_4dVrVjQw?si=_Rb5UZ9aNkhM_MVC

Joander is an active composer in the Vienna jazz scene. He plays the alto saxophone and incorporates intercultural influences into his music. Originally from Brazil, he has been living in Vienna for several years and has also released a new album.

Joander Cruz EP "Native": https://open.spotify.com/album/3SH6JlTX1DcHpgoCGJsnnI

Max Stadtfeld is the bandleader of his quartet STAX, with two albums released on ACT Music and KLAENG. He is also a member of the Bau.Haus.Klang Project led by Michael Wollny and the Olga Reznichenko Trio. He has performed with acclaimed musicians such as Emile Parisien, Jonas Westerland, Peter Ehwald, and many others.

Max Stadtfeld: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5G89AfknRA