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Grima, Ultar Brno
KONCERT / Hudba – Metal

Grima, Ultar Brno

čtvrtek 20. června od 19:00
NOVÁ Melodka, Brno
Cena 475

O akci

Grima, a duo from the dark woods of Siberia, founded by Velhelm and Morbius.
It has existed since 2014 as a studio-only project, with a pagan ethos “based on the worship of the elder forest, its power and magic, where the Grima is a supreme god… a powerful spirit, who protects only those who live in a forest, and punishes everyone who does not respect nature”.

Ultar, Lovecraftian Black Metal

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Nova Melodka

Palackého tř. 2849/148, 612 00 Brno-Královo Pole