Vitalic (FR)
KONCERT / TANEČNÍ PARTY / Hudba – Elektronika, Techno

Vitalic (FR)

sobota 21. prosince od 21:00
Fléda, Brno
Cena 576
prodej do 21. prosince

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Vitalic! One of the most prominent figures of French electronic music is coming back to Brno. Eclectic rave with no limits coming this winter!

Pascal Arbez-Nicolas, also known as Vitalic or Dima, is iconic French producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is widely recognised for his unique electronic dance music style combining various genres, including techno, disco, synth-pop, and new wave. Vitalic is considered to be part of the legendary "French touch" electronic scene from the turn of the millennium, which heavily influenced Western pop music. He has released seven full-length albums, nearly thirty singles and EPs, and has done remixes for artists such as Moby, Björk, Röyksopp, and Jean Michel Jarre. Arbez-Nicolas is continuously seeking to innovate and broaden his musical spectrum. This is demonstrated by his post-punk duo Kompromat, which he founded in 2019 with Rebeka Warrior.


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