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TANEČNÍ PARTY / Hudba – Funk / Soul, Hip-hop / Rap, House, R&B


sobota 20. července od 16:00
Radlicka kulturni sportovna, Praha

O akci

MELT 🫠 !

On July 20th,

DŽUS invites you to MELT:

our annual daytime open-air event in the hidden garden at Radlicka Kulturni Sportovna.

On the hottest day in summer, this is the only place to find shade,

so come MELT!


To keep the vibes social, and comfy we are only admitting 100 guests so get your tickets fast!


Live b2b dj sets from producers and recording artists Perrin (HU) and Piqi Miqi (US) will be spinning back to back Funk, R&B, Disco, House, Hip-Hop and more!


Did we mention we're having a water gun fight? So bring your squirter! pew pew 🔫🔫


Did we mention there is a mini-pool??? 🏊 Bring a bikini (or incorporate it in your outfit)  if you want to take a dip 👙


Did we mention there's a basketball court??? Bring your team!


You’re guaranteed to have a summer day you won't forget!