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Taste of Culture: Slovakia

Taste of Culture: Slovakia

čtvrtek 19.1.2017 od 17:30
Rosnička restaurant, Brno

O akci

A TASTE OF CULTURE culinary evening is an event format that Brno Expat Centre introduced in January 2016. There have already been the taste of Vietnamese and Tunisian food and culture. An expat living in Brno demonstrates their home cuisine while talking about their country of origin, culture and how they got here.

This one is a special edition: the cooks are Kristína and Lucia from BEC. They both are Slovaks.

Kristína and Lucia cordially invite you to Food Incubator (Pekárenská 12) on Thursday, January 19 at 5.30 pm to taste a typical Slovak menu:

  •  a small shot of Borovička for aperitive
  • cabbage soup with mushrooms (kapustnica s hubami)
  • gnocchi with sheep cheese and bacon / tofu (bryndzové halušky)
  • gnocchi with cabbage and bacon / tofu (strapačky)
  • apple bread pie with cream cheese (žemlovka)

Please buy a ticket here in advance (a compensation of costs for ingredients). 

  • 140czk till 9.1.2017, 23:30 , then 160czk

More info

Hungry to learn more about Slovakia?

Kristína and Lucia both came to the Czech Republic to study at the Masaryk University. They stayed in Brno as they consider it a great to live. Lucia has been working at BEC since 2012 as a consultant, she is also in charge of the Referral Program. Kristína has been working at BEC as an "event ninja" for past two years. This Taste of Culture will be her goodbye party because she wants to focus on her PhD studies and other projects. They both have non-Czech partners, Lucia's boyfriend is a charming Englishman and Kristína's girlfriend a cute Czech. Find out more about their hobbies at the event!