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Tommy Genesis & Maniak (Biggboss)
HUDBA Hip Hop / R&B

Tommy Genesis & Maniak (Biggboss)

pondělí 22.5.2017 od 20:30
Kabinet Múz, Brno

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Kabinet Múz prsnts:

Tommy Genesis (CAN / Downtown records.) + Alyaz + Babypool + Překvapení.

Did you have a creative upbringing?

Tommy Genesis: In a way, I lived entirely in my imagination. I would lock myself in my room when I was really young and I’d draw, paint, sing and masturbate. I remember in kindergarten, I would draw hyper-realistic BDSM nude portraits – I was very good at it. I’d say my creativity was fuelled by my heightened sense of sexuality. My mum always made sure I had art supplies and she taught me how to play piano at a really young age, which I pursued until I was too “punk” for lessons. I would listen to whatever my dad played in the car. We moved a lot and went on lots of road trips, which consisted of packing up everything we owned and hoping from city to city. 

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On those trips, Bob DylanJohnny CashJohn ColtraneBB KingEric Clapton and Billie Holiday were on repeat the most.