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Black Heart Procession (US)
HUDBA Rock / Pop / Punk / World music / Ethno / Folk

Black Heart Procession (US)

sobota 25.3.2017 od 20:30
Kabinet Múz, Brno

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Black Heart Procession [USA]
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Je možný nemilovat kapelu, která v roce 2017 hraje '50s rock n' roll v "sedmdesátkovejch" verzích?

„Join us in the revelry of sorrow, as we honor the 20th anniversary of our first album. Laugh, cry and absolve your sins with us. Together, we'll brighten the world, confront the shadows beneath our beds and... well... you could just come to the show in your town where we'll be performing our first record from start to finish, with some extra stuff for the encore. Hope to see you all there, tears of laughter and sorrow alike.“

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Black Heart Procession [USA]

Juvie [USA]

„Juvie hail from the streets of the USA and play Rock and roll 50’s in the 70’s…Does it make sense of course it does , if you love such groups as Sha Na Na , The Ramones, Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids and all of the Great Rock and roll revival in the 70’s from Lenny And Squigy to Leather Tuscadero." 

Jakub Šimanský [CZ]


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