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The Makropulos Secret

The Makropulos Secret

sobota 27. června od 19:00
Music Lab, Brno

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What would you give to stay young for hundreds of years? What would life be like without the fear of aging? What would you gain and what would you lose?

In 1908, Ilya Mechnikov won a Nobel Prize in part for groundbreaking work on immunity, which lead him to theorize that aging is a poisoning of the body from within. In 1921, Karel Čapek published a play exploring the idea that wherever there is poison, there must be an antidote.

In 2020, Czech Theater brings you this play translated into English by Yveta Synek Graff and Robert T. Jones. Come and see for yourself how at least these explorations have resisted aging for nearly 100 years.

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Sunday 28 June