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Fai Baba (CH)
HUDBA Rock / Pop / Punk, PARTY

Fai Baba (CH)

čtvrtek 28.9.2017 od 20:00
Theremin, Praha

O akci

Fai Baba


His name, Fai Baba, may conjure up rather odd associations. However, although Fai Baba did arrive at his name via a detour to India and a quiet word from a Hindu

guru named Sai Baba, he found it impossible to live with the hippie groove of that

environment. A tourist version of self-discovery truly wasn’t his thing. Ten years

have passed since that journey. He has released five albums in this time. The

latest, «Sad & Horny», was released in November 2016 and garnered a sheaf of

excellent reviews. He played countless gigs and lived through great highs and great lows. Never shying away from uncertainty and risk, he has at last reached a place

where he can live and create in accordance with his own sense of spirituality.

Things have become clear in his mind: Why should I waste my time with work I

don’t like? Why should I let myself be surrounded by people I don’t get on with?

Why should I conform when I’d rather find my own forms and shapes? More and

more, Fai Baba has found the answer to these questions in music – his true world.

Fai Baba feels cleansed. It could be said that his life has found more of a focus. Or,

that his outlook has become more radical. He gave himself up to a ceremony

conducted by a shaman in a tepee. The ceremony involved an ancient brew named

Ayahuasca which has for many centuries helped people in the farthest corners of

the earth to reach the world of spirits. Fai Baba’s fears and sorrows were buried

behind the river’s next bend. In this way, Fai Baba returned to his own spirituality,

communing with his spirits and chasing away some demons. He has, as he says,

«had a look behind the matrix of planet earth». Through this process he has

reached a source of unending inspiration. This fresh sense of purpose is deeply

ingrained not only in Fai Baba’s unhurried descriptions of his extraordinary

experiences, but also his new songs.